Birth Certificate Translation

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Birth Certificate Translation?

Birth Certificate Translation is Australia’s only website that allows you to order a NAATI Certified birth certificate translation completely online without requesting a quote. This translated birth certificate, certified by a NAATI translator can be used for official purposes in Australia.

You can order a birth certificate translation 24/7 with no need to wait for a quote to be sent by email – how easy is that!

Why should I have my birth certificate translated into English?

If you are from overseas and your birth certificate is in a language other than English (a foreign language), then there are many instances where you will need to have a NAATI Certified English translation of your birth certificate. Some of the most common examples are:

  • Australian Visa application (DIBP)
  • Australian Passport application
  • Australian Citizenship application
  • University / Tertiary Institute application
  • any proof of birth/identification process

In most cases, if your translation has not been completed by a NAATI Certified translator, it will not be accepted for official use in Australia. 

All of our translators are 100% NAATI Certified so you can be sure that your birth certificate is translated by a NAATI Certified professional translator.

What languages is your birth certificate translation service available in?

Most of our clients need a birth certificate translation from a language into English. For this purpose, we provide NAATI certified translation services from all languages into English. 

No matter whether your birth certificate is in Arabic, Chinese, Spanish, French, German, Italian, Greek, Japanese, Farsi, Hindi, Punjabi, or any other language – we can assist with a professional NAATI Certified translation service into English.

Some clients need a birth certificate translation of an English Birth Certificate into a foreign language. We also provide translations into all languages for this direction.

Can you translate my birth certificate quickly?

Yes we can. We have different options available for the speed of our translation service. In many cases, we can translate the birth certificate in under 24 hours. Simply choose our Urgent option at check out.

How much does it cost to get a birth certificate translated?

We are very proud to offer the lowest prices in Australia for our birth certificate translation service. Prices start at only $69.

How can I order my translation?

Follow our online ordering process. You will simply need to take a photo of your birth certificate or provide a scan and make a payment. 

Can I translate my own birth certificate?

Whilst many of our customers are fluent in both English and another language, unfortunately most authorities will not accept birth certificate translations that you have completed yourself.

It is for this reason that our NAATI Certified translation service can assist. All of our translators can produce a NAATI Certified translation of your birth certificate for you.

How will I receive my translation?

We will send you a NAATI Certified digital copy of your birth certificate translation via email. Upon your approval, we will then post out a hard copy of the translation to your mailing address (for an additional fee) if you would like a physical copy.