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Are you looking for a Farsi birth certificate translation services provider in Australia? Look no further. Birth, Birth Certificate Translation is specialised at providing high-quality translation services.

For more than seven years, we’ve become one of the leading providers of birth certificate translation services in the country. In those times, we have produced thousands of Farsi birth certificate translations.

Birth Certificate Translation is famous for its high quality and accurate birth certificate translation services not only in Farsi but also in other languages. In addition, our fast turnaround time and affordable prices are some of the reasons why our previous clients keep coming back.

If you need a Farsi birth certificate services provider in the country, you’re in the right place. Our team of translators and project managers is looking forward to working with you.

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Why Choose Us

Here at Birth Certificate Translation, we aim to provide accurate, reliable, fast, and affordable Farsi birth certificate translation services. If you need to apply for your dream job abroad or within Australia, for your college, or your visa, we’re here to help you achieve those dreams!

Here are some reasons why you should choose us for your Farsi birth certificate translation needs.

Experienced NAATI Certified Farsi Translators

For the past seven years, we’ve handpicked only experienced, professional, and native Farsi speakers as translators. Now, we have a team of NAATI certified Farsi translators who are always up for a challenge. Whether you need your translation from Farsi to English or vice versa, we’ve got the most qualified translators to do the job. You can count on us to provide you with accurate and professional Farsi birth certificate translation services!

100% Acceptance Rate

It’s hard when you got rejected for that job, visa, or school application all because your birth certificate translation was inaccurate or wasn’t NAATI certified. With Birth Certificate Translation, we guarantee that your document will be 100% accepted in whatever agency, university, or company you are planning on submitting your document to.

Also, here’s a quick tip. Before you order your Farsi birth certificate translation, check all the requirements of the authority you will submit your document to. See if NAATI certified is included in the list. But don’t you worry, our translators are all NAATI certified.

Low Rates

You don’t often get to see NAATI certified Farsi birth certificate translations offered at a low price. But here at Birth Certificate Translation, you get to have access to our affordable rates. For as low as AU $69, you can order a high-quality Farsi birth certificate translation. Extra cost depends on your chosen language, document complexity, deadline, and a number of pages. But we do guarantee that we offer one of the lowest prices in Australia.

High-Quality Translations

Who doesn’t want their birth certificate translations to be in high quality? When you order a translation from us, we assure you that your document will undergo several quality checks so you can receive the best quality upon completion of the translation. Our team of translators and project managers works together to produce the best quality for your document. Each one of them has proven themselves to be capable of paying attention to the smallest detail and observing accuracy in all work done.

Urgent Translations

We’ve got you covered when it comes to urgent translations. If you need your translation in 24 hours, don’t worry. With our urgent translation services, we can expedite and prioritise your documents. Talk to us about this via the Live Chat below.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

We’ve compiled some of the frequently asked questions regarding our Farsi translation services. Feel free to ask other questions using the Live Chat. Our customer service representatives are dedicated to providing you the best service.

How long will it take to translate my Farsi birth certificate?

When it comes to ordering a Farsi birth certificate translation, you can choose from the following options.

Regular Farsi Translation Services: Using our regular Farsi translation services, you can expect to receive your soft copy of the translation in 2 to 3 working days. The hard copy will be sent via Australian post and expected to reach your delivery address in 7 to 10 business days.

Express Farsi Translation Services: If you need your hard copy earlier, you can choose our express Farsi translation services. Your soft copy will be complete in as fast as 2 to 3 business days and your hard copy delivered in 3 to 5 business days.

Urgent Farsi Translation Services: Our last option is urgent Farsi translation services. This is for you if you are in a rush. Your translation’s soft copy will be emailed to you in under 24 hours, and your hard copy in 1 to 3 working days.

Is your birth certificate translation service “NAATI Certified”?

Yes. We made sure that all of our Farsi translators are NAATI certified so you can be confident that you will only receive NAATI certified translations.

Do I have to go to your office to request a translation?

No. As long as you are connected to the Internet, you can request a translation by following the steps listed below.

How will I receive my Farsi translation?

Soft copies are sent via email while hard copies are delivered using Australian post.

How does your Farsi translation services work? How can I order?

To order a Farsi translation, follow these simple steps.

  1. Answer the translation order form found on this page and input the required details.
  2. Next, take a photo of your document or simply have it scanned. Make sure that it is clear.
  3. Put your complete delivery address if you need a hard copy of your Farsi birth certificate translation.
  4. Finally, complete the credit card details.

After we receive your translation request, we will get started on it immediately. If you have any more questions, feel free to chat with us.

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