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Are you looking for an affordable Melbourne birth certificate translation services provider that’s reliable and NAATI certified? You’re in the right place!

Here at Birth Certificate Translation, you will only receive error-free, accurate and high-quality translations. We are the largest NAATI certified online translation service provider in Melbourne!

Looking for a NAATI certified Melbourne translator can prove to be challenging especially if you’re trying to find a trusted and reliable translation service provider.

We are here to help you! For more than seven years, we have provided our clients with thousands of high-quality translations. This helped us grow into becoming one of the best in Melbourne and Australia. We always work closely with each of our clients to ensure the quality of the finished translations.

For every one of our translations, we try to not only satisfy your requirements but also exceed NAATI’s standards and your expectations.

So what are you waiting for?

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Why Choose Us

Need help with your translation? Let us help. Here are some reasons why you should choose us.

Fast Turnaround Time

Yes! Tired of waiting? Choose our urgent translation services. We provide three types of Melbourne birth certificate translation services including regular, express and urgent. These all depend on when you need your translation. Need it under 24 hours? We can do that!

Low Rates

Birth certificates are priced per page starting at $69 AUD. You can’t find any high quality and NAATI certified translation lower than that. We strive to provide affordable and quality translations for everybody in Melbourne.

High Quality

We are proud of our translation’s high quality. We’ve only chosen the best NAATI translators in Melbourne to handle all of your translation needs. Not only that, but our Melbourne birth certificate translation undergoes several quality checks before you receive the final copy.

NAATI Certified Translators

In Australia, the National Accreditation Authority for Translators and Interpreters (NAATI) is the accreditation body and national standards for both interpreters and translators. As such, it is best to always look for NAATI certified translators to ensure that you will only receive high-quality translations that conform to NAATI’s high standards.

100% Acceptance Rate

Need a Melbourne birth certificate translation for official purposes including university, visa or job application? Look no further than Birth Certificate Translation. We guarantee a 100% acceptance rate for your birth certificate translation.

Did you know that almost every Australian authority will ask for a NAATI certified translation of your birth certificate for its quality and accuracy? Don’t waste your time getting non-certified and inaccurate translations. Invest in a high-quality and error-free birth certificate translation. Not only will you save time, but you will also save money.

24/7 Customer Support

We have a dedicated team of customer service representatives here at Birth Certificate Translation who can answer any of your questions at any time of the day. Chat with one of our staffs via the Live Chat option and receive a reply in less than a minute.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What language do you provide Melbourne birth certificate translation services in?

We provide Melbourne birth certificate translation services in all languages. We support birth certificate translations to and from English. Here are some of our top requested languages for our Melbourne customers: Arabic, Vietnamese, Spanish, Chinese, and Greek. All of our translators have years of experience and NAATI certified so you can be confident that you will receive an error-free translation.

How long does it take to translate my Melbourne birth certificate?

Your translation will depend on your document’s number of pages and which of our Melbourne birth certificate translation services you are going to choose. With our Regular Melbourne birth certificate translation, our translators take 2 to 3 business days to finish a translation. The hard copy will be sent via regular express post and expect that you will receive your translation in 7 to 10 business days.

If you are in a bit of a hurry when it comes to your hard copy, choosing our Express Melbourne birth certificate translation will allow you to receive your hard copy in around 3 to 5 business days.

Finally, if you need your translation as soon as possible, we have our Urgent Melbourne birth certificate translation services. You will receive your translation’s PDF file via email in under 24 hours and the hard copy in 1 to 3 business days.

How much will it cost to translate my birth certificate?

In Melbourne, Birth Certificate Translation has one of the most affordable rates. For as low as AU $69, you can expect to receive a translation of your birth certificate.

How will I receive my Melbourne translation?

All digital copies are sent via email while hard copies are sent via Australian post – regular or express postage.

Do I have to come to your office?

Birth Certificate Translation is a 100% online Melbourne birth certificate translation services provider. You can easily order from anywhere in the city and receive the hard copy without going to the office. Pretty convenient, right?

Steps To Order

You can order our Melbourne birth certificate translation services in just four steps.

  1. Complete the translation order form placed on this website. Make sure you provide your complete details.
  2. Upload a clear scan or photo of your birth certificate so we can provide you with an accurate translation.
  3. If you need a hard copy of your birth certificate translation, just complete the delivery address so we know where to send it to.
  4. Finally, input your credit card details.

And voila! You’re done! All you have to do is wait for your translation to be complete.

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