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Are you looking for a Gold Coast birth certificate translation service? Look no further than Birth Certificate Translation! We can provide you with the highest quality of translation service while working while working within your deadline and budget.

Birth Certificate Translation operates in Gold Coast and works with the best NAATI certified translators who can provide high-quality translations in a fast turn around time.

We can translate to more than 150 languages and work with a tight deadline if needed. So what are you waiting for? Contact us today we are more than happy to assist you. Order a translation in less than 5 minutes!

If you have any questions concerning our Gold Coast birth certificate translation service, our consultants would be happy to be of service.

Why Choose Birth Certificate Translation

We provide professional NAATI certified Gold Coast birth certificate translation services, with a 100% acceptance guarantee in every birth certificate translation. For more than seven years, we have been providing translation services to customers in the Gold Coast.

With thousands of satisfied clients, Birth Certificate Translation has served the Gold Coast community with only expert quality birth certificate translation services.

24/7 Live Chat

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Fast Turnaround Time

For urgent translations, we have our urgent services where you can receive your Gold Coast birth certificate translation in as fast as 24 hours!

Low Rates

For as little as AU $69, you will receive a NAATI certified Gold Coast birth certificate translation with fast turnaround time.

High Quality

We boast of expert quality Gold Coast birth certificate translation for all of the residents of the Gold Coast. Before you receive your translation, it has undergone a few quality checks. We ensure that each translation is accurate and high quality.

NAATI Certified Translators

All of Birth Certificate Translations’ translators are certified by the National Accreditation Authority for Translators and Interpreters (NAATI). If you are planning on submitting your translation to government departments and other authorities, you will be required to provide a NAATI certified Gold Coast birth certificate translation.

100% Acceptance Rate

Since most of Australia’s authorities require NAATI certified Gold Coast birth certificate translation, it is of importance that you only let a NAATI accredited translator handle your translation. With Birth Certificate Translation, you can be confident that your translation will be 100% accepted.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What language do you provide Gold Coast birth certificate translation services in?

We can translate birth certificates to more than 15 languages. This includes English, Japanese, Chinese, German, Arabic, Spanish, Italian and French as well as other languages. You can contact us and we will find a translator for your language.

How long does it take to translate my Gold Coast birth certificate?

On average, a birth certificate can be translated in 2 to 3 business days with our regular Gold Coast birth certificate translation services. However, we also have our urgent Gold Coast birth certificate translation where we prioritise and expedite your translation so you can receive your translation in less than 24 hours! If you have an urgent translation, you don’t have to worry. We can handle your translation with ease.

How much will it cost to translate my birth certificate?

The cost of your translation will depend on the urgency of your translation project, language and your number of words. However, our Gold Coast birth certificate translation starts at a minimum rate of AU $69.

Because of this, we have become one of Gold Coast’s most affordable birth certificate translation service. Our pricing is very competitive. If you are on a budget, we’re a perfect fit.

How will I receive my Gold Coast translation?

We email certified translation soft copies to our clients while we use the Australian postage to have hard copies delivered.

Why should I have my document professionally translated?

Compared to machine translation, professional translation is carried out by a translator who is a native speaker of the language the document is being translated to. In doing so, you ensure that your document is translated accurately in the target language and that the document’s proper meaning is conveyed properly.

With how important your birth certificate is, can you really risk your information to be translated by a co-worker, friend or a machine?

Steps To Order

Order a translation today by following these three easy steps.

  1. The first thing you should do is to complete the translation order form. If you need a hard copy of your translation, complete the delivery address.
  2. Next, take a clear photo or scan your document and upload it to the order form.
  3. Lastly, fill in your credit card details and you are done!

All you have to do now is wait. Once we complete your translation order, we will send it to you immediately.

About Gold Coast

In the South East part of Queensland, you will find the city of Gold Coast. Currently, it is the state’s second most populous city.  It is also the sixth most populous in Australia.

In today’s South East Queensland, the first settlement was a penal colony at Redcliffe. Before 1823, nobody lived in the Gold Coast region. It was only when John Oxley landed at its beach that the Europeans settled here. By the mid-19th century, the supply of red cedar has attracted a lot of people. In 1875, Southport became one of the holiday destinations for the rich.

In the following years, the region grew significantly until it became the second most populous area in Australia just after Brisbane. Because of its surfing beaches, subtropical climate, theme parks, canal and waterway systems, rainforest hinterland and nightlife, the city has boomed in terms of tourism.

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