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Birth certificates are an important part of moving to Australia. They are required by virtually all kinds of agencies, companies and even schools. They are essential in your early days of migrating as they hold the very basic information where all else will fall under.

In a nutshell, a birth certificate will stand as your foundation for your documentation and future as a citizen of Australia, so it is best to treat this kind of document accordingly.

When it comes to treating a document professionally and accurately, you can trust Birth Certificate Translation. We are a company that specialises in translating birth certificates. We have become the best in our craft as our years of specialty has made us the fastest, cheapest and most of all best when it comes to translating a document. So what are you waiting for? Order a Lithuanian birth certificate translation service now!

Why Choose Us

Birth Certificate Translation has years of experience. These experiences allowed us to grow into a company that leans more into assisting our client, providing reliable translations, scaling down our prices so that more Australians can afford a translation as well as providing the means of transaction and delivery.

Because of our experience in translating birth certificates, we have grown accustomed to handling it. We have become faster and more proficient without compromising the quality of the document.

We have moulded our company to cater to the needs of our clients, and that is not all. Here are some more reasons why you should choose Birth Certificate Translation for your Lithuanian birth certificate translation.

NAATI Lithuanian Translators

The NAATI is the sole governing authority in Australia that governs translators and interpreters alike especially when it comes to maintaining standards. The presence of a governing agency for translators and interpreters means that there are two kinds of translators you can find in Australia. The first ones are the translators who have not been or yet to be certified by the NAATI, and the second are the ones who are NAATI certified.

A Lithuanian NAATI translator provides high-quality translations that conform to the high standards of NAATI. We have only chosen NAATI certified translators, so you don’t have to worry about receiving low-quality translations.

100% Acceptance Guarantee

We all can agree that the most important thing about translating is accuracy. You need to have your birth certificate translated to the tee. That is because a small mistake could have catastrophic damages. Not only would it cripple your chances of applying for a job, for a visa or a university, it would also cost hundreds or even thousands of dollars to correct! Not to mention the time you have wasted.

The government authorities and private institutions know it. That is why they prefer a NAATI certified Lithuanian birth certificate translation. They can trust the translators who are NAATI Certified to provide an accurate translation that will save you from a lot of stress and money.

With a NAATI Certified Lithuanian birth certificate translation conducted by a NAATI Certified translator you can be sure that your document was translated carefully and meticulously.

Same-day Delivery Available

We provide same-day delivery to clients who are in a time constraint. We understand the pressure of having to look for a translation service provider that can translate your document when your time for submission is running out.

Here at Birth Certificate Translation, you can enjoy options that better suit you. Are you in a hurry? Need an affordable Lithuanian birth certificate translation? Birth Certificate Translation has your back! With us, you can expect your Lithuanian birth certificate translated under 24-hours and delivered the same day!

All Languages

Birth Certificate Translation is a company that has grown into a community. A family of diverse cultures clashing and melding together to form a company that can translate any language to and from English. We are the only company in Australia to achieve such a feat and our family of expert, and talented translators grow by the day.

Lowest Prices in Australia

Our company is more oriented in providing our clients with a reasonable service. Our expertise with translating birth certificates has helped us dictate what the market price for a Lithuanian birth certificate translation service should be. Because of this, we have also adjusted our prices so that our services could reach people who are on a budget.

We offer the lowest price in Australia for a NAATI Certified Lithuanian birth certificate translation service.

24/7 Live Chat Support

If you have questions about our services, we also have a 24/7 Live Chat Support that you can get in touch with. Whether you have questions or have problems and need assistance, you can rely on our live chat support team.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

We also have answers to some of the most frequently asked questions. We have compiled it here to hopefully help you.

How quickly can you translate my birth certificate?

We provide three options for you to choose from when ordering a translation – regular, express and urgent. You can choose which among three can provide you with what you need.

Is your birth certificate translation service “NAATI Certified”?

Yes, your document will be handled by trained and NAATI accredited translators who have worked hard in their respective fields. We promise a translation service that is accurate and high-quality.

How will I receive my Lithuanian translation?

You can receive your Lithuanian Birth certificate translation via email, in PDF file as well as a hard copy via Australian post with free postage or express postage with tracking.

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